While we could have some sort of disastrous server meltdown or the endgame might not be as good as it looks, I am willing to declare that yes, The Division 2 really does feel like it is the first game in the looter genre to launch with a game that feels content-rich, (mostly) technically sound and something that has learned lessons from both its original and other games in the genre. We have seen Diablo 3, Destiny 1 and 2, The Division 1 and Anthem all struggle through very rough launch windows, requiring months or even years to fix themselves into what they were supposed to be. But The Division 2 feels like it's been born fully-formed, something you are easily going to get $60 out of with the sheer scope of content, and a game that will continue to give with free updates now that paid DLC is being ditched.

The servers for The Division 2 were switched on Monday afternoon, as the game has a rolling launch date similar to recent EA games where the more you pay the earlier you can start playing it. If you are you looking for more about TD2 Credits check out our website. That's not a practice we approve of, especially in a game with PvP, but it does at least allow us to get an early look at a complete version of the game. Or as complete as any online title is nowadays. The Division 2 doesn't suffer from any of the obvious design flaws of the recent Anthem, but the performance yesterday was not particularly impressive, with a significant amount of slowdown and graphical glitches. It actually seemed a little worse than during the open beta, and we got randomly kicked off the server a few times, but it's still not anything too out of the ordinary.

Most compelling are the 25 Commendations collected under the Teamwork tabt. Most are obscured for people just starting the game, but the eight available show that The Division 2's designers are trying to nudge people into being helpful and playful in multiplayer. A Teamwork Commendation titled Lifesaving Distinction rewards players who respond to a group's call for backup in a main mission,revive an agent in the group and complete an objective with the group, without using any healing skills or med packs. That gets players 50 points.

Early access has already begun for this game, so if you have the Gold or Ultimate editions you can head to your platform of choice, download and play right now. This happened a day earlier than people expected it to, not that anyone is really complaining. It's unclear if this was the result of time zone trickery or just a switch that got flipped at an unexpected time, but it doesn't appear to have had any adverse effects from a technical perspective. The game is silky smooth and apparently finished, which is sort of a big deal here in world of modern loot shooters. Now, this does't mean The Division is suddenly my favorite loot shooter series.