Once you arrive what's left of New Eden, head towards the chapel while reviving as many people as you can. They will fight by your side when the time comes. Don't expect much from them, since they won't be doing much damage. But at least they'll distract the two so that you don't get shot at as much. Once the cinematic ends, make a dash for the side door of the chapel and run toward the back of the building. There will be a lot of fire being thrown around, so you don't want to go running straight into it. You should be relatively safe back there until the flames die down a bit. Lou will be roaming around with her flamethrower while Mickey is toward the back of the compound with her sniper rifle.

The fast travel system in Far Cry New Dawn isn't immediately obvious, as it isn't available from the start of the game. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Cheap FCND Credits, you possibly can email us on our own page. You'll need to reach Prosperity and be given the chance to explore before you can use fast travel, and even then you'll only be able to travel back to Prosperity. To open up more fast travel points you first need to liberate outposts. Any of these that you capture will become new fast travel points that can be accessed on your map. Open it up from the menu then select the location you want to travel to and pick fast travel.

The most basic method of obtaining Ethanol is through liberating outposts. There are a total of 10 you can attack across the map, and liberating one will net you 100 the first time, then 200 the second time, and finally 300 the third time. That's already a sizable chunk, but you can earn an extra 50 by liberating the outpost without being spotted or setting off an alarm. Finally, you can also choose to scavenge the outpost for more supplies, which will hand it back to the Highwaymen and let you retake it later.

Horatio can be found on the western side of the centre of the map, across from where players recruit Nick Rye and Sharky Boshaw. The boar is being kept by the Highwaymen at a farm camp. Clear out the Highwaymen who are guarding the camp and look for Horatio lying on his side in the middle of the farm. Once you find him, pet the boar, and you'll complete the side-quest. Horatio will then be available on your Guns-for-Hire roster.

Far Cry's best open world mission type gets several upgrades in New Dawn. You could repopulate bases in past games, but they generally played the same. Now, not only can you get tougher challenges across the map, but you get repeatable Ethanol rewards. You probably won't be able to take on later levels without investing a lot into upgrades, but it's still fun to try. These sequences are where Far Cry's gameplay shines best. Unleashing wild animals and a stack of explosives and watching the chaos play out is just as thrilling now as it was back in the day.